If I have gum disease why do I need to get my teeth cleaned so often?

Gum disease is a general term to describe that there is an ongoing infection in the supporting tissue of the teeth. It is important to understand that brushing and flossing daily is a great step to helping to fight this disease and we are getting very close to making the strides to reduce the number of teeth lost due to bone loss, but there is no cure currently.

At your initial evaluation we record the severity of the infection and recommend non-surgical gum therapy called scaling and root planing to remove the infection from under your gums. Afterwards we must carefully and closely monitor your mouth to prevent a recurrence of this destructive infection.

In as little as 90 days bacteria can be back up to levels which enable it to destroy bone which is why visits every 6 months just aren't enough. We recommend intervals of cleaning at least every 3-4 months depending on severity of the gum disease and your home-care regime.

In recent years gum health has been a direct relation to your overall health, especially those with family histories of HBP, Cholesterol, Stroke and Diabetes. Knowing that we ask you to ask yourself, if you have gingivitis, what else could be going on? We can help you understand, identify and remedy the underlying issues that may be going on and get control back over your oral and overall state of health.