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5 Testimonials We previously went to Dr's and Connie in Freeport, and we followed them here. We love the quality of care and feeling we get from their staff. We definitely would recommend them to our friends and family!


5 Testimonials Highly recommend both dentists at Rockford Family Dental. I recently had cosmetic dental work done and aside from being very pleased with the work, it was absolutely painless! The entire staff is 5 Star!!!

Deb B.

5 Testimonials I highly recommend Rockford Family Dental! Dr Baer and Dr Mirza are not only great people but also knowledgeable dentists! I have been taking my kids (3 and 5) to their office since their first cleanings. They don't dread the dentist at all! I am also a patient in their office. Would recommend them to anyone!

Laura Croffoot Lorenzo - From Facebook

5 Testimonials I recently needed to have a wisdom tooth pulled after it began giving me pain over the weekend. I'd kept putting it off and putting it off, convinced it would be too expensive, that it would hurt and mean I'd have to take time off work while I healed.

After 5 minutes on the phone with Jullie (who is probably the sweetest lady you'll ever meet) she got me in to see Dr. Mirza over my lunch hour. Dr. Raz was able to pull the tooth quickly (and PAINLESSLY! I honestly didn't feel a thing) and had me back to work within the hour.

I followed Dr. Raz's instructions and within a couple of days I felt great again.The team at Rockford Family Dental are friendly, gentle and most of all -- they really care. They LISTEN to your needs and do what they can to meet those individually, you can feel the difference because they don't just treat you like every patient. I never worry when I have to go see the dentist because seeing Dr. Raz is like seeing an old friend. Thank you all so much for what you do.

Sara L.

5 Testimonials Can't say enough good things about Rockford Family Dental.  Dr. Mirza and Dr. Baer are wonderful. The patience and genuine loving care that Dr. Baer showed with my 5 year old (who is petrified of going to the dentist) was wonderful! I am so appreciative. They are very knowledgeable and genuinely caring both dentists and people.

Sarah Jo Frint - From Facebook

5 Testimonials I switched to Rockford Family Dental when I experienced significant pain twice while being given local anesthesia by a well known area dentist. A friend recommended this office and I have never been anything but completely satisfied here. They are very knowledgeable, friendly, spotlessly clean and generally wonderful. I am very glad I found them.

Susan Richards

5 Testimonials My insurance doesn't cover Dr. Mirza, however my in network provider was over 40 miles away, so I decided to go see him based on a referral. I can tell you that I no longer am afraid to sit down in a dentist chair. Before the pain even began, it was over. The best Dental experience I've ever had!

Mindy Torbey

5 Testimonials I broke a tooth over the weekend and Dr. Razvan Mirza got me in right away. After a quick exam I found out that I had a cavity which weakened the tooth but he reassured me and was able to repair the broken tooth and fill the cavity with great professionalism. I highly recommend Rockford Family Dental to all of my friends and family.


5 Testimonials Dr. Mirza and Dr. Baer are professional, knowledgeable and caring dentists. They are VERY proactive and want to take care of our teeth and gums before there are problems! They can take care of almost anything going on with your oral health. Come see the new beautiful office on North Main Street!

Regina Wagner Sanner - From Facebook

5 Testimonials Raz and staff are great to work with. As with others, trips to the dentist for me can be stressful but the staff at Rockford Family Dental make the experience as relaxing as they can for their patients and are very welcoming.


Rockford Family Dental 5 5 10